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For the first time in over 22 years, Elder Care Access is forced to create a waitlist for those in need of our services. Between a national nursing shortage and the increased need for elders requiring assistance in the community, we had to implement this. Hardest, decision ever! But necessary. To get placed on the waitlist, please call our office Monday through Friday 9-4 or email us at Deb or Abby will explain the process. Again, Our team appreciates your patience and understanding at this time

Elder Care Access, LLC.

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Specializing in End of Life Issues, Family Conflict Resolution, and Elder Advocacy

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About Us

Serving Western Massachusetts since 2003

Elder Care Access prides itself on being a strong advocate for the seniors in our community and for having the dedication and experience necessary to ensure the very best care in a multitude of environments. We specialize in community resources to ultimately help save money and ensure safety. For our team, this work is a calling and every client is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

Whether it be to get answers from the medical team, oversee care in the home, offer alternatives for housing, or simply being there when needs change, our dedicated staff takes each client's care personally, just as if they were our own parents. Our team is there to offer individualized attention and available for any crisis or issue that arises.



Medical Services Liaison

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Legal Processes

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After Life Services

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Home Maintenance

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Vehicle Sales

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Estate Sales​

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Pet Care and Rehoming

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Meal Planning

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Long Distance Assisted Living


End of Life Discussions

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Personalized Services

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Nursing Services

Please contact us for more information about our services.

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Our Services

Specializing in End of Life Issues, Family Conflict Resolution, and Elder Advocacy

Mujer mayor y su cuidador

Nursing Services

Our at home nursing services from experienced professionals who specialize in elder care


What is our process?

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Short interview



Care Plan






“I still remember shrinking into fear when the dearest person to my life received that fateful diagnosis--- "dementia".  Married to this first fear was a second; that this journey would prove the loneliest of my life  When my loved one began her significant decline, my fear turned to panic.  This was soon assuaged when I discovered how rapidly Elder Care Access and Sheryl Fappiano were able to provide, or else direct me towards, abundant resources both aidful and comforting.  The services that Sheryl either directly provided, or else steered me towards, were such that I would never have found on my own.  She clearly understands which of the resources in this area are the best for your needs.  I am ever so grateful for her expertise."  

Daniel Melvin


PO Box 531 Leeds, MA 01053 or

413 584 6950

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