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Planning and Advice

When families or guardians start to notice issues with safety, dementia, wandering, weight loss, or increased doctor visits, it's often difficult to know where to start. Elder Care Access asks the important questions to identify what the most critical issues are to help families navigate health and home care systems effectively.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where do we begin? 

We recommend beginning by contacting us to evaluate what your loved one needs.

What kind of care do we need?

Through our detailed client evaluation we will help you find the best way to care for your family member.

How will we pay?

Elder Care Access is a private Geriatric Care Management company. We get paid privately, but in many cases if you have LTC insurance, you can get reimbursed for some or all expenses.

How do we know what will work for our family?

The first step is to start the conversation. Elder Care Access has worked with hundreds of families and is accustomed to developing a custom plan that works for your family. 

What is there other than in home care?

It depends on what the elder needs, there are day programs, in home care, and facilitated living programs. Elder Care Access has worked to develop customized plans for each elder they have served. 

We’ve worked with a few home care companies, lost faith, where do we turn? 

Elder Care Access is not a home care company, but we do have multiple relationships with home care professionals that we rely on and trust. We are able to match your loved one with the right homecare worker based on their needs and personality. 

What are the housing options in this area?

There are many! Elder Care Access has over 13 years of experience working with housing companies all over Western Mass. You can rely on us to find the right fit!

How do we activate the Long Term Care Insurance?

We can work with you on taking the first steps to activate Long Term Care Insurance and how to use it effectively. 

I live in England, my Mom is local. Can you manage her care?

 Yes! Elder Care Access has worked with family members as far away as Europe. We pride ourselves on remaining transparent and maintaining open communication.

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