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Our Services

Specializing in End of Life Issues, Family Conflict Resolution, and Elder Advocacy

Elder Care Access gives you the opportunity to consult with a professional Geriatric Care Manager who will do an in-home evaluation to develop a care plan specific to your needs and wishes.

Medical Services Liaison

We coordinate with area specialists, hospitals, VNAs, and home care agencies. ECA consults with medical staff and communicates changes to family or legal guardians.

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Legal Processes

Elder Care Access assists with court ordered reports, evaluations, and monitoring. Consult with court appointed guardians and conservators to review proposed care plan 


We offer transportation to medical appointments, adult day centers, prescription pick up, and day outings. 

After Life Services

Elder Care Access helps elders and their families navigate the process of planning the funeral or burial that represents the elders wishes. 

Home Maintenance

In nearly 2 decades of helping elders remain in their own homes, ECA has created a list of reliable contractors to help with plumbing, electrical work, appliance repair, lawn care, snow removal, pest control, and so much more.

Vehicle Sales

Many of our clients ultimately lose their licenses at some point. Having the car on the premises can be a source of confusion and angst. We are often asked to facilitate the marketing and sale of cars no longer in need.

Estate Sales

Many of our clients' families live at a distance. When it's time to downsize, ECA helps with determining what is best to take, and what should be sold. We are often asked to facilitate both.

Pet Care and Rehoming

Owning a small pet of any kind is a comfort to seniors. But when they can no longer care for them, family often asks ECA to help rehome the animal.

Meal Planning

In the current day circumstances of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Elder Care Access has more than ever taken advantage of grocery ordering and delivery services. We place orders and make deliveries to our elders daily.

Long Distance Assistance

Long Distance Assisted Living Placement and Relocation - ECA is there for when a loved one must move out of their home,or downsize to an appropriate new home. For families who live apart, it can be difficult to find an appropriate and trusted living situation for their loved one. ECA has helped with setting up services, researching, and interviewing assisted livings, so they can age in peace and in some cases close to their families. 

End of Life Discussions

Sheryl and her entire team take great pride in assuring that the last phases of your loved ones' life are peaceful, pain free, and filled with love and devotion. Having the difficult conversations early on gives a sense of relief to both the elder and family members once we've gathered all the information. It's our greatest honor to be with our clients until the end. It's not unlike Sheryl or Brenda to sit with our clients as they pass. This honor is why we are in this line of work, to make the transition to "their maker" a smooth and peaceful one.

Personalized Services

We have grown accustomed to doing whatever it takes to make sure the elder gets what they need in order to live safely in their home. Each care plan is methodically planned with your individual needs taken into account.


Many of our clients wish to remain in their own home, but do not yet qualify for Medicare covered VNA services. Elder Care Access offers at home nursing services from experienced professionals who specialize in elder care, allowing our clients to stay home and receive the best care. 


Our nurse attends medical appointments, discharges planning meetings, and provides Long Term Care insurance evaluations to be sure your loved one gets the care they are entitled to. Our nurse also consults with the medical team, Hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and home care companies.

We Assist With

Weekly or bi-weekly medication dispensing, vitals and wellness check


Our nurse consults with local VNA's, primary care physicians, caregivers, emergency room, and discharge planners at hospital


Detailed updates to families, guardians, and the medical professionals to ensure proper care


Special attention placed on medical care plans and oversight to ensure comfort, dignity, advocacy, and quality of life.


What is the process?

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